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Office Moves and Relocation

Moving office can seem as daunting as moving to a new house – in fact, it may even be worse.

But it’s a process like any other, and Premium IT can help you break it down into manageable chunks to ensure everything runs to plan.

Our consultants will begin by visiting your new location at the earliest opportunity, in order to conduct a full site survey. 

The next step is to scope out all IT and telecommunications requirements, liaising closely with your contractors to ensure ample provision is made for network cabling and power requirements.

One of the most common causes of delay when moving your office IT is failing to allow sufficient time for new phone lines and internet services to be installed.

Our tech’s will ensure that these and other important decisions are made at the right time to ensure everything goes to plan.

Network Design

Some businesses move from IT crisis to IT crisis, patching up each new problem with short-term fixes.

Premium IT clients will never experience such frustrations, thanks to our network design and management services. Many new clients who approach us have been putting up with network problems for far too long.

The final straw eventually comes when a server or network device crashes taking important company data with it, or network speeds become so slow that the effect on business productivity cannot be ignored any longer. 

Thankfully, our own customers never suffer the same fate because we design networks from the ground up based on a 4-6 year refresh rate, and we always allow for future proofing. We consult with you extensively to establish the current and likely future needs of your business.

Do you require a SAN or virtualisation? Exchange Server or hosted Outlook? A file server or OneDrive?


Security Audits

90% of businesses have experienced an internal IT threat in the last year, but many continue to fail to implement a sound security strategy to prevent this from happening again.

Any business with IT assets requires a full suite of protection to prevent digital break-ins and data theft. These start at the network endpoints, wherever your business meets the world. If your website is hosted internally or on a cloud server, it needs to be fully patched and protected.

There are a wide number of security settings that need to be enabled and default server options disabled to prevent misuse or fraudulent access. Our team of security experts will help you handle your information security and in the most cost-effective way.

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