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Servers and data storage

Network servers are at the heart of any organisation, allowing users to share data, access the internet and manage peripherals like scanners and printers.

Our technicians will analyse the business applications your running and the corresponding storage requirements, before recommending best-of-breed hardware to fulfil your needs. Small businesses may manage with a single server or a hybrid solution with email being managed in the cloud. Larger organisations may require dedicated file servers, email servers and application servers.

For some businesses, especially those who are subject to regulatory compliance legislation, the integrity, availability and protection of data is central to their productivity and long-term success. For these businesses, onsite NAS and SAN solutions may also be recommended.

Routers, switching and WiFi

Network routers and switches control two of the fundamental aspects of any network – security and performance.

With the rise in demand for more open network architectures to enable remote connectivity solutions and virtual private networks, routers now play a vital role in protecting your critical business systems from unwanted intruders. Within the office, users also expect the flexibility of a wireless connection for laptops and mobile devices which can then present a further security risk.

Premium IT helps its clients make informed decisions concerning the specifications and encryption levels of their internet routers and wireless access points. We can also recommend a wide range of network switches, from small business devices through to high end options, that include advanced traffic management and performance optimisation.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

If work is worth producing, it’s also worth backing up.

Human error and hardware failure have always been good reasons to perform regular backups and that means an automated routine with copies of your data being removed from site.

Premium IT can recommend a variety of backup solutions depending on the needs of your business. We help customers to safeguard their data using media such as external hard drives or by streaming files to servers located at remote sites. Our online backup service automates a nightly backup of your work to cloud-based servers from where a restore can be quickly performed should the need arise.

In recent years as reliance on IT systems has increased, businesses have grown more aware of the need for business continuity planning and disaster recovery solutions to help mitigate the risks posed by terrorism, natural disasters and other events which threaten to render a network completely inoperable.

Whilst backup routines can form a part of your business continuity plan, other aspects of your operation also need to be examined such as hardware redundancy, secondary internet connections, the ability to divert incoming phone calls, remote working solutions and alternative premises from which your business may need to operate.

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