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Are you confused about the hardware requirements for your business?

There are so many choices when it comes to computers, servers and other network devices – you don’t want to skimp on performance but you’re also working to a budget.

Premium IT don’t only offer hardware support services to businesses throughout Perth and surrounding areas, we also supply a full range of computer equipment including workstations, laptops, file servers, domain controllers, printers, and switch gear including firewalls and routers.

Whether you’re looking to build a new domain network from scratch or add a few client computers, our tech’s will help plan and deliver your new hardware with minimal interruption to your daily operations. We certainly have recommend manufacturers but are not tied to any, which enables us to provide expert independent advice.


Operating systems and application software pose some of the greatest operational challenges to users on a daily basis.

That’s why Premium IT takes vendor relationships, technician accreditation and software support services so seriously. One of the traditional complaints levelled at IT companies has been the unwillingness of hardware support providers to communicate with software vendors, effectively creating a ‘no man’s land’ for the user whenever certain types of faults arise. But Premium IT clients never suffer from this frustration.

That’s because we’ll support virtually any business software from Microsoft and Apple through to virtualisation products, security software, and applications like MYOB and Reckon Accounts. 

If our own tech’s can’t directly support your key business applications, we’ll ensure you have adequate support from your vendor and we’ll liaise with them on a technical level whenever the need arises.


The web may have revolutionised the way we operate, but it has also brought with it substantial new threats.

These threats just keep on evolving over time. Viruses are still in circulation, although they sometimes seem a little ‘old hat’ when compared to some of the more aggressive and innovative malware on offer.

What’s more, with hacking and other forms of cybercrime on the rise, it has become an even greater challenge to keep the bad guys out of your network, whilst allowing those with a legitimate reason to connect to do so efficiently and securely.

With so many remote access solutions on offer like Citrix, Terminal Services, VPN and Cloud Storage to name but a few. It’s not about making your business fit around any one of these technology models but rather we prefer to listen to the needs of your business and work on the best solution from there.

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